05 May 2014 21:23:24
This Adam rose looks like a complete chump, I am hoping he comes out then Sierra, hotel. Pow spear pow triple power bomb! Good night!

Is there a money in the bank this year?

{Ed008's Note - That'll be good! Yeah it's end of June we have Payback PPV before that.

1.) 05 May 2014
Who you hoping to see in the money in the bank?

{Ed008's Note - I'd like to see a All Stars MITB like last year that made it such a big deal add it with some upcoming stars like Cesaro,Rollins etc

2.) 05 May 2014
Great post Razor. let's build new stars to get squashed straight away.


{Ed008's Note - Adam Rose will be jobbing in 6 months time you watch..

3.) 05 May 2014
No main eventers to speak of so WWE need to make new stars. cesaro, rollins, Rhodes, ambrose, barrett and dallas


4.) 05 May 2014
I don't like the Adam Rose character but he can wrestle. Not his fault that WWE have ruined him.


5.) 05 May 2014
Leo Kruger was a better gimmick by far

6.) 06 May 2014
Everyone seems to hate Rose, and I don't mind him. It seems universal, I'm not sure what I'm not seeing?

I meant someone has to headline superstars.

Don't be a lemon.

7.) 06 May 2014
I think his gimmick is low/mid card for sure and him having the same build as Christian who gets mocked on air then it doesn't look too good for him. I can't see the point of bringing new guys up to be jobbers at all. They have Truth and others to do that. I mean why keeps woods in delevepmental for fours years and then bring him up to team with Truth? madness


8.) 06 May 2014
The thing is not everyone can be a top tier star, Leo Kruger and Adam Rose were never going to be top stars.

The fact they have made it to the dance is a testament to their efforts, but somebody needs to wrestle Health Slater on Afterburn.