14 Feb 2015 19:34:56
as I said before the royal rumble I wanted orton to win it, and either him, ziggler and even dean ambrose would have been better options to face lesnar at mania.

i know bryan is fan favorite with many which is fair enough but personally I can't stand him. it just seems like some fans would be happy if he was champion 24/7 365 when there are better options than him. I only picked him to feud with rollins post mania because them 2 would put on better matches rather then rollins/reigns if bryan wins at mania.
but now I am really hoping lesnar retains at mania with rollins cashing in either that night or next night on raw.

i'd like to hear your thoughts eds and regulars


{Ed008's Note - I mentioned I would have liked Orton to have won the Royal Rumble continue that feud with the Authority by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with Seth Rollins cashing in.
Daniel Bryan is also a viable option but he wouldn't have needed to have won the Title at Mania, have Lesnar retain and have the Authority turn on him with Rollins cashing in on Raw the next night.
Roman Reigns would have been a good decision by winning the Rumble had he continued his feud with the Authority when he returned they teased a match with Triple H, he never really feuded with Rollins long enough to it be deemed anything really and the 1 month of feuding with Big Show was nothing because he's really not a threat anymore these days.

1.) 14 Feb 2015
Ed I just can't stand bryan and do think the rumble would have been a perfect time to bring back orton and the crowd would have been buzzing if he came back then and won it.
i do like the thought of the authority turning on lesnar on raw if he wins at mania

{Ed008's Note - People forget that the Authority at the start was all about the face of the WWE with the prize being WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Every feud for that Title has to be based around the Authority. ENTER RANDY ORTON. Let's see what Fast Lane brings us next week.

2.) 15 Feb 2015
We have been through all of this before and thanks to Ed 07 I know to try and not be as much of a dick.

I can fully understand why peeps want Bryan, for me personally it represents that a normal guy from the indys can go on to be the guy. Also I still hope that people will come to their senses and start chanting "f em up dragon f em up"

I will say this though, wwe better come up with a good plan for fast lane or the jeers will be worse than ever

3.) 15 Feb 2015
Spot on again Real Big Bear. Most Daniel Bryan fans don't want him to be champ 24/7 365, we just recognise that it is obviously his time now and he should be given the ball for a good run up to at least Summer Slam. I'm not even bothered if he beats Lesnar (I'd be his as happy with Leaner winning and Rollins cashing in, as long as Bryan got to feud with Rollins for a while) Next year will be Roman Reigns year.

4.) 15 Feb 2015
I totally disagree that this is Bryan's time. He sells merchandise and the under 10's like him so he gets into the main matches. His performance on Smackdown was as unbelievable as it was predictable (I hope I haven't contradicted myself there), defeating the odds yet again and earning the grudging respect of Reigns. This plot could have been written by children.
Give me an Orton, Anbrose or Rollins any day of the weeek.

5.) 15 Feb 2015
COYS I get exactly where you are coming from and I do think they go over the top at times with the underdog thing. I personally like the guy because I watched him in ROH and think he is a world class technical wrestler. I don't cheer for Bryan the character but Bryan the person. As for believability, again I get where you are coming from. He is a small guy compared to a lot of the others but I would honestly put my money on Bryan if he fought Cena or Reigns in real life.

6.) 15 Feb 2015
Fair enough Bear. I don't dislike him in an Ed07 sort of way and I do think he would be much better as a heel. The crowd reaction alone would be worth watching.

7.) 15 Feb 2015
Fair do's bear you like bryan but why does it have to be him put in the title picture again?
as I said orton, ambrose or ziggler would have been good options and the crowd would have been buzzing still.

so if next year bryan isn't champ and someone else won the rumble, do we get the same thing with bryan again when there's other good options?

8.) 16 Feb 2015
I think, and obviously this is just my opinion, that because Bryan got injured basically right after his title victory the fans never got their run with him as champ. They are still hungry for a run with him as champion and I think if they got the run then it would settle down a bit and it could be someone else.

I look at it this way, WWE backed themselves into this corner. For 10 years now we have been told the reason Cena is the top guy and is always the hero is because kids love him. That was always the reason, that and merch sales, so now the fans are in a mode of. Well the kids and a good amount of adults love this guy sand we want him now. They have kind of called WWE's bluff a bit. I also believe that it is not just about Bryan not main eventing mania but the way he is treated. Fair play if he is not in the main event but he was just going to get a thrown together meaningless match at mania by the looks of it. I don't know what WWE do from here but they will need to play it smart.