17 Apr 2017 12:26:13
Like Jables, I am a tad bored so I will bring up an old topic.
Now that the Undertaker has apparently retired, who now has the best entrance to the ring?
Obvious candidates include Wyatt, Balor and Roode. Orton's is timeless, while Style's has grown on me.
Personally, I will go for Finn since it has the drama, crowd participation and the chance for an occasional full demon.
Anyone who says Zayn gets a helluva

1.) 17 Apr 2017
17 Apr 2017 17:33:39
If they can get the atmosphere in the arenas/ stadiums they go to on the main rosters, to match NXT TakeOver shows. Balor's is definitely going to be almost impossible to beat.

Right now I'd have to go with Wyatt, until I have to start hearing Michael Cole ruin it by squawking, "He calls them his fireflies".

2.) 17 Apr 2017
17 Apr 2017 18:49:13
Right now i'd say Bray Wyatt followed by demon finn balor.

3.) 18 Apr 2017
18 Apr 2017 03:12:58
Zami sayn.

4.) 18 Apr 2017
18 Apr 2017 03:13:36
But really, Finn Balor or Alexa Bliss.

5.) 18 Apr 2017
18 Apr 2017 09:25:14
Still triple h. Orton and Bobby roode are class.

6.) 18 Apr 2017
18 Apr 2017 10:15:57
So many look awesome on NXT because how compact it is.

Bray has done the best job of expanding it.

Finn as the Demon is obviously awesome.

I personally love the tube men on Baily's entrance.

7.) 18 Apr 2017
18 Apr 2017 14:04:22
I really like KO's entrance, it was really good when he was coming out with his NXT belt when he first appeared on RAW, he was a badass then! Always like nikki Bella's aswell :)

8.) 18 Apr 2017
18 Apr 2017 22:34:43
Sami zayne.

9.) 19 Apr 2017
19 Apr 2017 20:44:41
I am shaking my fist at those Zayn voters.

10.) 24 Apr 2017
24 Apr 2017 12:49:48
p for Nikki Bella's arse wiggle entrance.