26 Jul 2017 11:15:40
I have a feeling that Harper and Rowan may be reforming as a team again. I'm assuming those are the guys attacking Breezango. Smackdown do need more tag teams. With Alpha and The Vaudevillians gone and The hype bros on the verge of splitting that only leaves 3 or 4 tag teams on Smackdown. To be honest I hope it is Sanity instead but with Harper and Rowan dissapearing off of TV for a few weeks.

1.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 23:30:02
I think it's those two too, although i'm loving the fashion police find them quite funny.

2.) 27 Jul 2017
27 Jul 2017 13:48:31
It would be pretty out of character for those beasts to be sneaking around after the minnows of the division.

I personally think they both deserve to be better involved in US and World title picture.

3.) 27 Jul 2017
27 Jul 2017 18:26:18
With Shakeup 2: Electric Boogaloo basically a sure thing. Who the attacker (s) are, will probably be changed in "creative meetings" at least a dozen times.

Harper and Rowan were my first thought as well but, right now I'm just hoping it's not something like Ellsworth and the bunny with Dillinger in the costume.

4.) 28 Jul 2017
28 Jul 2017 09:14:18
Bessex as much as I agree with you I don't think Vince does. Mania was set up perfectly for a Wyatt, Orton and Harper triple threat which would have been great but Vince decided to hold Harper away and we ended up with possibly the worst match of the night.

I suppose another guess could be a heel hype bros. Maybe Mojo eliminating Zack from that battle royal was the start of a darker side of Mojo and he may have conviced Zack is every man for himself.

Although watching WWE recently it could be anyone. If Kurt Angle can be Jason Jordan's dad then this could be the return of The Hillbillies.