10 Nov 2018 14:27:47
What do they do with Strowman now?
It appears that he is out of the immediate title picture after having been squashed by Lesnar and will instead be having a feud with Corbin.
There are rumours that Strowman is not the greatest backstage, that he is often late, lazy and his behaviour is not what is expected from a top superstar. This may be why they haven't pinned the title on him yet when the crowd have been calling out for it.
I can see him being used as a stepping stone for McIntyre in his current push and he is in danger of going down the same route that Bigshow and more recently Wyatt have followed, a once intimidating big man who is used to push other talent.
This would be a real shame and a waste as Strowman is freakishly quick for his size and would be a waste of his talent.

1.) 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 02:11:23
i hate what they have done with strowman, and I don;t think we will see him as champ anytime soon, or if we ever will which is a shame because besides seth rollins strowman is one of the only other guys who is well over with the fans.

2.) 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 14:41:15
Really couldn't agree more. But the rational is sickening if his attitude is the problem as Lesner is ever hardly around as. What sort of champion is that? At least Reigns was always there. I will hate to see him become Big show but I doubt they will dare.