22 Jan 2019 22:44:03
Seeing as it’s not been posted yet, who do we reckon and want to win the men’s and women’s royal rumble matches?


Who I want - Bray Wyatt
Who I reckon - Seth Rollins even though I would be happy with that.


Who I want - Becky Lynch if she doesn’t win back the SD women’s title even though she most likely won’t.

Who I reckon - Charlotte Flair.

1.) 23 Jan 2019
23 Jan 2019 14:16:33

Who I want - McIntyre
Who I reckon - Seth Rollins
I've added surprise entries - Chris Jericho, Pete Dunne, Wade Barrett

Who I want - Lynch if she is in it, if not Bliss
Who I reckon - Flair
Surprise entries - Nikki Cross, Victoria.

I also think the only change of title will be the Miz and Shane winning setting up an eventual match at Mania.

2.) 23 Jan 2019
23 Jan 2019 17:09:00
I'm pulling a run in for Mania Season.

I'd love to see Drew win it, but I'm sure its going to be Braun.

I think I'd like to see Charlotte win the women's, and I can't think of anyone more likely to actually win it.