14 Feb 2019 20:26:27
Now that Jimmy Uso has been nicked and bailed, who will Shane and The Miz face?
Vince stamps down hard on anyone who gets into trouble and I can't see him allowing the Usos to compete.
Best bet is that The Bar step in and lose again.

1.) 15 Feb 2019
15 Feb 2019 20:59:54
Except when jey got a dui before uso vs new day hell in a cell and they still won.

2.) 15 Feb 2019
15 Feb 2019 21:04:39
Have got a feeling vince will just have them lose clean to miz n Shane. Ad really like to see sanity get a bash and a decent run. There a good team dain and Wolfe are top wrestlers imo.

3.) 16 Feb 2019
16 Feb 2019 11:17:33
I'd forgotten about that Lantern.
I suppose it doesn't really matter as whoever they were going to face, there is no way that the Miz and McMahon will lose and mess up the match between the 2 at Mania.
Vince will be fuming though.

4.) 18 Feb 2019
18 Feb 2019 20:52:51
Well. That shows what I know.