26 Nov 2016 09:51:13
Can someone fill me in about smackdown is it orton and bray going for the tag titles or harper and orton? Don't see what the point is of putting tag title on bray, they could finally be a dominant force if they had orton and harper tag camps and bray chasing title, yet more superstars being booked wrong if it is bray an orton! Still seems wrong not mentioning randy orton in the title scene!

1.) 26 Nov 2016
26 Nov 2016 10:55:58
It is a bit weird not to have either going for the world title, but Wyatt needs to win a title soon, he still hasn't held one.

The way I see it going is Wyatt and Orton will team together and Harper is going to get jealous of the relationship between them. Also at some point Orton has to turn, as he won't be a Wyatt forever. Not sure if anyone has noticed Harpers expressions and body language towards Orton since he joined the Wyatt family

If it were to be a world title scenario, it would be too similar to Owens and Jericho at the moment on Raw. It also means taking the title off of Styles and going from a heel champ to another heel champ, not happening.

2.) 26 Nov 2016
26 Nov 2016 11:02:22
Well, Bray said it was him and Randy. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing. They are concentrating on Styles/ Ambrose, and Miz/ Ziggler at the moment. I still think it is only a matter of time until the Viper turns on Bray which will give a meaningful non-title rivalry which Smackdown (though not as much as RAW) is crying out for.

3.) 26 Nov 2016
26 Nov 2016 15:06:49
I figure Bray and Orton win the titles, but it ends up being Harper and Orton that defend them. Leaving Bray open for other things.

4.) 27 Nov 2016
27 Nov 2016 16:51:31
Orton playing a game gets Harper jealous so he turns on bray and leaves the family then bray has no back up when orton goes for him.

5.) 28 Nov 2016
28 Nov 2016 11:32:05
With due respect to Rhyno and Slater how they are tag cha is odd.

Put the Wyatt's or the Uso in play so the belts means something.

I don't care about Slaters kids.

6.) 28 Nov 2016
28 Nov 2016 14:28:46
It's not often I disagree with you Bessex but I think they were spot on to give Rhyno and Slater the tag belts. The USO's and American alAlpha will be the focal point of the tag division for the next 2 years so it made sense to capitalise on Slater's momentum with the fans and give them the win. Regardless of what people think of them, Slater and Rhyno are pretty over now. The only tag team I don't like on Smackdown are the Hype Bro's (even the Ascension have grown on me)

7.) 29 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016 10:23:52
I didn't mind them winning it, and get job, but to keep winning is daft.

Slater could be on the cusp of the world Title had they given him Elswoth's role.