20 Oct 2017 21:00:19
TLC just got a lot better. Kurt Angle is replacing Roman Reigns and AJ Styles will face Balor instead of Bray Wyatt.

Bray, Bo, and Jojo had been believed/ rumored to be out these past two weeks because of viral menengitis. With it appearing that Reigns got it as well.

1.) 21 Oct 2017
21 Oct 2017 11:19:16
Styles/ Balor has the potential to rescue an otherwise meh PPV.
The Shield had been all but guaranteed to win, but without Reigns it is a different matter entirely.

2.) 21 Oct 2017
21 Oct 2017 14:42:35
Just read that Owens has been pulled from a live event in Argentina.
it is also claimed that Styles has stomach problems.
Maybe it will now be Owens/ Balor.
This PPV is falling to bits.

3.) 21 Oct 2017
21 Oct 2017 21:24:44
Owen's got pulled for family reasons.