05 Jul 2018 09:27:05
So we will have Team Hell No till about Summerslam. Then you have to beleive that they have to look at AJ v DB. I can't see them having the balls to keep DB out of the title picture until Mania. Its a Mania worthy match but its too far away. So i'm thinking Survivor Series or Rumble latest?

1.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 20:11:25
I seem to remember reading somewhere that there are issues with Bryan's contract and that the WWE are being hesitant putting him in the title picture until it is sorted out.
If it is, there are other rivalries apart from Styles that look decent. Joe, The Miz and Nakamura would all be fun.
It would be pointless to have a feud with Kane if and when Team Hell No breaks down.

2.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 10:42:12
I have read a few places that the WWE don't want Bryan in to anything they can't write him out of in a flash because they are not sure how he will react to wrestling again.

Certainly some great matches for him to have but if I was writing it then The Miz would get the belt off of AJ, and Bryan would get him one on one at Mania.

3.) 28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018 00:09:46
It has to be miz and db at Mania.