18 Sep 2018 09:34:59
So I have this idea on how to get Roman Reigns over and had no one to tell it to so I found this site. Here it goes (this coming off the heels of hell in a cell) so you somehow give Brock Lesnar back the universal title. Doesn't matter how just get it back to him. Then have Reigns demand another match. For the 50th time we have to see Brock vs Reigns. Have Paul Heyman tell Roman that Brock will give him a rematch but that Brock is bored of this fight so Roman has to give him something in return. His career. If Roman loses he leaves WWE. Now Brock is going back to UFC to fight Cormier and everyone knows that so Roman can't lose right? Then have Brock win. Roman loses and has to leave WWE. And really have him leave. Take him off tv. Don't talk about him. Maybe even loan him to NJPW like they have been with Y2J to just sink it in a bit that he's gone. Then over on Smackdown have John Cena finally win the WWE title for the 17th time. He finally beats Ric Flairs record. Then have a celebration in the ring on Smackdown after he wins it. Like the week later. Flair is there and he gives a speech on how he's proud to have it been finally beaten and that John Cena is deserving and worthy to be called the Man and that he knew one day someone would break the record and he's glad it was Cena. Then have Cena act like he can't come up with the words to thank Ric. He says nothing for like a minute or two. Like he's soaking it in and trying to think. Then out of no where have him hit the AA on Flair. Then just end Smackdown. The following week you open with John and he cuts a promo on Flair. Cena says he didn't need Flair words of approval. That he's always known he's the greatest of all time no matter what Flair or anyone else has thought. Cena says the only reason Flair was able to win 16 world titles is because Cena wasn't born for another 25 years. Really get people to hate Cena. More than normal I mean. Then have Cena do what he does best, bury people, week in and week out. Styles, Shinske, Hardy, Rollins, Owens, Zayn, etc. Anyone and everyone you can think of Cena beats them and retains the title. And gets more and more obnoxious. Have it go on for months. Maybe even Mania to Mania. As long as possible. It has to be a while or it'll never work. Then finally have a Smackdown end with Shane McMahon or GM Paige ending a phone call asking someone if they're coming to help. Then saying thank you. Then just when it seems no one is left to stop Cena you bring him back. Roman returns and finally dethrowns Cena. It makes it feel more genuine and needed and not so down our throats. If you made it this far thanks for reading it. Hope someone does and enjoys it. Would love feedback.

1.) 18 Oct 2018
18 Oct 2018 19:07:44
Very good idea in theroy. Just wwe would never allow it.