19 Jan 2021 17:25:52
Hello Ed
It's awfully quiet here. Any rumble predictions?

{Ed007's Note - I couldn't even guess mate lol I stopped watching wrestling for a couple of years and started again when WWE moved to BT Sports but it was awful when Covid kicked in and there were no fans.}

1.) 06 Feb 2021
06 Feb 2021 11:46:28
Hello people,
I can fully understand why this site has been so quiet.
Wrestling had reached for me an all time low before C.V., and like Ed I was rapidly losing interest as WWE was so bad.
It is such a shame that it is impossible to have crowds in now.
Roman Reigns has finally developed into the character he should always have been, I think the best now in the whole of wrestling.
McIntyre in solidly holding up RAW and the women's division has never been better.
There are still the many moments when you look at WWE and think 'Why? ' but I can't deny that great imagination and efforts have been made to try to keep the industry afloat, just not WWE but other brands as well.
Rumour has it there will be crowds for the 2 days of Mania. I for one can't wait.
Take care one and all.