04 Jul 2015 20:48:13
Well I just want to say, that today even though the start isn't WWE related, I had my finals of boccia and sadly we have been relegated from the super league back down to the national championships, however on a positive note, how brilliant was the balor vs Owens match and nevile vs Jericho match suprised by the result in the y2j match, but certainly proves that he has still got it

{Ed007's Note - Sorry to hear you got relegated, Call, I'm sure you'll bounce back from it kid.}

1.) 04 Jul 2015
04 Jul 2015 21:48:08
Cheers ed

{Ed007's Note - (yes)

2.) 05 Jul 2015
05 Jul 2015 08:32:05
Sorry to hear Call. Keep your head up son. I am going to continue to wage my war here, Steen does Cenas moves better than Cena. FACT

3.) 05 Jul 2015
05 Jul 2015 13:03:32
Sorry to hear cal not so long ago my team Wolves suffered a double relegation so I know how it feels mate, you'll bounce back.

4.) 06 Jul 2015
06 Jul 2015 14:17:28
Dno about this Steen character but Kevin Owens is good 🙈

5.) 06 Jul 2015
06 Jul 2015 15:12:41
Relegation sucks, we at Bristol City know better than most.

The good thing is you instantly become favourites to come back up. except the odd unfortunate team. like Wolves that time.