31 Jan 2019 20:27:21
Will the WWE finally have a serious rival in the US with All Elite Wrestling?
It has serious money behind it in the form of Fulham and Jacksonville Jags owners Shahid and Tommy Khan.
They already have Jericho on what has been described as a mega salary package, Neville (or Pac as he calls himself now), Cody Rhodes and Christopher Daniels. It is thought that Kenny Omega is about to join them and who wouldn't be surprised to see Ambrose rock up as well?
There is also talk of Lesnar testing the AEW waters to see what they have to offer.
They have a nascent women's division, though no tag action yet.
AEW sold out it's 10,000 Chicago venue in minutes.
I had long hoped that ROH would offer proper competition, but it now seems unlikely.
AEW has a different feel to it.
Of course they are still new and of course like everyone else they are currently dwarfed by the WWE.
But with the large number of wrestlers on WWE who aren't getting a look in, I can see more being asked to be released from their contracts and AEW could grow into a real alternative.
AEW also has links with NJPW and any proper alternative would benefit not only the fans but also the WWE who may have to up their act to maintain it's near monopoly.
I shall watch AEW's development with interest.

I loved the Monday Night Wars and any chance of a repeat would be welcomed with open arms.

1.) 12 Feb 2019
12 Feb 2019 19:26:16
For me AEW need to target the older audience. WWE aim thier product at younger viewers but is AEW aim it at older viewers they will do really well. I heard they sold out their second show 14000 in tickets in 20 minutes today.

2.) 13 Feb 2019
13 Feb 2019 19:31:14
Saw that. Even though they have not done anything yet, AEW are doing everything right, if that makes sense.
All AEW have to do is tap into the WWE of the late 90's/ early 2000's to have a ready made market, or even the ECW mind set.
Still wondering whether they will have a TV deal or just be on social media.