06 Sep 2019 21:59:55
Well that went well haha, Becky and Charlotte vs Bayley and Sasha just been announced for Monday’s Raw so I guess that’s not going to happen at hell in a cell, though I suppose my outlook has the titles stipulation on that match, ahh well you never know.

1.) 07 Sep 2019
07 Sep 2019 12:41:46
It was a good call and just because it is announced for RAW, it doesn't mean it won't happen at HIAC.
I'm sure it will be inconclusive on RAW and repeated at least one more time.
What is interesting is to see who will be the heels. Bayley is undergoing a heel turn and with Sasha and Charlotte, it is looking a bit unbalanced.
I anticipate a singles match with Lynch against either Bayley or Banks. It will end with aa double team on Becky and Charlotte comes down to make the save leading to a grudging respect and the beginning of a face turn.