19 Jul 2018 13:52:04
Is it just me or is Smackdown much better the RAW as of late?

1.) 21 Jul 2018
21 Jul 2018 19:00:54
I have always thought smackdown has often been better than raw. But to be fair, I haven't watched any weekly shows in months.

2.) 23 Jul 2018
23 Jul 2018 13:32:12
NXT is pure wrestling, the way I want it, as if it was a genuine competition.
Smackdown is wrestling with some entertainment mixed in.
Raw is Sports entertainment.
If you like seeing men taped inside portaloos and tipped off a stage then Raw is for you, if you want to see decent matches then you're a Smackdown guy, and if you want decent matches that mean something just watch NXT.

3.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 13:51:34
Smackdown is loads better than Raw. As Bessex has said, NXT os the strongest show overall.