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20 Mar 2018 19:45:34
Just been on Wwe official Facebook that Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to in ring action. Get in! I'm sure WWE wouldn't take risks with Bryan as it would be PR disaster. So glad he's coming back. Seeing him face AJ, Nakamura, Owens, Zane etc would be awesome.

Monkeyman KRO

1.) 20 Mar 2018 20:22:47
Bryan has never been a favourite of mine, but you can't help feeling pleased for him. His determination to come back deserves respect and good luck to him.
I just really hope he is not used as part of Shane's continual ego trip.

2.) 20 Mar 2018 20:22:47
Bryan has never been a favourite of mine, but you can't help feeling pleased for him. His determination to come back deserves respect and good luck to him.
I just really hope he is not used as part of Shane's continual ego trip.

3.) 21 Mar 2018 10:27:09
I still say the angle when he joined the Wyatt Family, then turned on Bray in the cage match was one of my favourite things of the last decade.

The guys over with the kids, the casual fans, the web fans, and even Vince.

Daniel Bryan is the real deal, and I hope he comes back at the same capacity.



11 Jan 2018 19:32:49
Total dream booking but I would love this to happen and it's not beyond the realms of possibility. It looks like it will be a Smackdown guy winning the rumble. The only two options really are Nakamura or Cena. I dint th8nk they've built Nakamura up enough yet and we've seen AJ. v Cena a few times already. With the way the storyline is going with Shane, Daniel. Bryan, Aj, Owens and Zayn they could end up with Bryan stacking the odds against AJ so much that Shane ends up sacking Daniel Bryan on the go home Smackdown before RR. Then, as. long as he's ok and fit, have Bryan come in at 30 and win the Rumble to face AJ. Bryan has said he will wrestle again in 2018 (whether that's for WWE or somewhere else) I think WWE would be mad to let him go if he's fit enough to wrestle. Bryan v AJ would be amazing and it coukd set up future. matches between: Bryan, AJ, Owens, Zayn, Nakamura, Bobby Rood etc)
Probably fantasy booking but it would be awesome IMO. Prob end up being Cena v AJ.

Monkeyman KRO

1.) 11 Jan 2018 20:13:53
I do enjoy trying to predict the surprise entrants to the Rumble.
Bryan is not a bad shout. I have heard a whisper that Wade Barrett may make an appearance. Will Taker appear and eliminate Cena, setting up their Mania match? War Machine and Ricochet are rumoured to be heading to WWE. HHH has been popping up now and then, but my main prediction is Mysterio.

2.) 12 Jan 2018 10:10:43
That Bryan shout is great.

I was beginning to think we were sliding gradually to Shane vs Bryan at Mania, which would be a massive anti-climax for me, but the sort of level of event they seem to insist Shane gets at mania.

The only disappointing thing about AJ vs Bryan would be I feel like the Miz has put in all the ground work, and if Bryan is doing Mania that's his opponent.

3.) 12 Jan 2018 10:16:49
Wade Barrett has teased himself for the rumble on Twitter, so I can't help but think he's joking, surly he'd keep it under his hat if he was really going in.

Rey may show up, he is due a HOF induction at some point.

I personally like it when somebody who wasn't so popular or is really old show up.

LOD Animal or Vladimir Koslov just for the Lol's.

I'd expect some weird appearances on Raw 25.

4.) 12 Jan 2018 11:59:34
Really unsure about Cena i've seen rumours flying around that Undertaker isn't retired and will be facing Cena at WM.

5.) 13 Jan 2018 11:20:26
I've seen the rumours for Taker v Cena. I think this would be a likely and decent top end of the card:

Reigns v Lesnar Universal Title (its happening)

AJ v Bryan WWE Title (this is the fantasy bit lol)

Cena v Taker (this will be good but shoukd have happened while the steak was going)

HHH v Angle (I'm not fussed about this but I can see it happening and will prob be decent)

Rest of the card could be:

The Bar v Jordan and Rollins v The Revival v The Club RAW Tag titles

Usos v Bludgeon Brothers Smackdown tag titles

Bliss v Asuka Raw women's title

Charlotte v Ronda Rousey Smackdown women's title

Roode v Jinder Mahal US Title

Balor v Miz IC Title

Nakamura v Orton

Strowman v Samoa Joe

That's a lot of matches! But 3 of these would be pre show and the main show will be 4-5 hours long.

6.) 13 Jan 2018 11:46:10
I should add Wyatt v Woken Matt to that card. I accidentally DELETED it!

7.) 13 Jan 2018 12:54:38
Nice one. I refuse to say lol as I am too old.

8.) 14 Jan 2018 21:46:55
I think they are going to go for AJ V Nakamura for the wwe title.



22 Apr 2017 15:53:25
A topic on Wrestler entrances and theme tunes further down the page got me thinking. Are we witnessing a bit of a golden age for Wrestler entrances and theme tunes? There were obviously a lot of classics from the Golden Era and the Attitude era but then no real killer entrances for ages (Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were good though) I think we've seen some great ones over the last few years. Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Nakamura and Roode all have amazing entrances. Then Ambrose, Rollins, Owens all have good theme songs. I even like a lot of the Cruiser weights entrances like TJP, Aries and Neville. Some of the women have decent entrances to: Charlotte, Sasha and Alexa.

I think my favourites are probably Balor, Nakamura and Wyatt.

Monkeyman KRO

1.) 22 Apr 2017 18:47:58
The 80's had some classic entrance themes, but pretty much everyone bar Warrior and Hogan just walked to the ring. I do miss the little carriage made to look like a ring from early Manias though.
Currently love Roode's entrance be great to see how it translates to a bigger arena.

2.) 23 Apr 2017 01:41:41
I agree, but I think there are still a lot of talents that could use a change no matter if things are good, bad, or ugly. a lot of the theme songs just sound too generic imo. They don't have that specialness that makes the talent feel important. It'd be a good time to change a lot of them, as a lot of the people that could use it as part of a character make-over, are people that are in the early stages of a character change or are rumored to be getting one. I'd also like to see them use real bands more for entrance themes.

3.) 23 Apr 2017 08:22:45
The 80s and early 90s had the best entrance music imo when you hears the first second of anyone you knew who it was one of my all time favourite theme songs is the tag team demolition.

4.) 23 Apr 2017 15:52:10
There are some good ones about, but none beat Taker's and the match of HHH with Motorhead hasn't been bettered.

5.) 24 Apr 2017 12:42:39
I don't know why they've seem to have done away with lyrics?

People like Miz, Randy, Cena and Dolf still have some from years back, but nobody seems to have words, just riffs.

6.) 25 Apr 2017 18:57:04
Vinnie macs is the best.



01 Apr 2017 16:28:58
Wrestlemania Winner Predictions:

Austin Aries
Strowman - Zayn final elimination
Enzo and Cass
Cena/ Nikki - Cena to Propose Afterwards
Sasha Banks - Heel Turn
Owens - Joe and Owens beat Y2J down after
Rollins - Joe interference but Y2J makes save
Reigns - No heel turn

Monkeyman KRO

1.) 01 Apr 2017 19:56:14
My winners and predictions.

Austin Aries
Strowman - Big show final elimination
Alexa Bliss
Gallows and Anderson
Baron Corbin
Cena/ Nikki - Cena to Propose Afterwards
Bayley -Sasha Banks Heel Turn
Kevin Owens - Joe sticks his beak in
Seth Rollins - Joe interference but Y2J makes save, also we see evolution 2.0 born tripleh, samoa joe and owens
Shane Macmahon
Reigns - No heel turn, undertaker retires
Randy Orton - Wyatt family reform with Rowan returning
Ego Lesnar.

2.) 01 Apr 2017 19:58:12
Strowman, last eliminted: Mojo
Mickie James
Cesaro and Sheamus
Ambrose. (Corbin wins the title a few weeks later on SD)
CeNikki. (Nikki proposes to John. )
HHH. (SR gets the Sheamus booking and doesn't get a win until the B ppv rematch. )
Goldberg (Reigns vs Goldberg at SS or possibly the night after Mania)
Orton (Gets full face turn, people quickly get bored, loses title to a heel around June, heel loses title to a returning Cena at SS. SS ends with Reigns and Cena staring each other down while holding their titles, around the Rumble they cost each other their titles, Mania 34 is headlined by
Reigns vs Cena
Lesnar (c) vs HHH Uv title
Hogan and/ or Goldberg vs Orton (c) WWE title
Angle vs Shane
Steph vs a D list celeb under the NBC Universal banner.
And a segment where Vince yells at his grand kids to grab the brass ring as they ride a carousel. )

3.) 01 Apr 2017 20:35:53
Yeah I forgot to add to add:
Wyatt to win and family to reform - Wyatt, Harper and Rowan.



04 Mar 2017 15:44:44
Why is Mick Foley Raw GM? It doesn't make any sense, he has been terrible in nearly every segment since his return. His main purpose seems to be being used as Stephanie's punching bag. Occasionally he gets worked up and shouts nonsense. I loved Foley as a performer but he sucks as GM. They need to get Foley and Steph off TV and go with HHH as the GM. If they're feeling brave then go with Heyman or even Eric Bischoff as GM. Basically anything that gets Steph and Foley off TV.

Monkeyman KRO

1.) 04 Mar 2017 17:49:02
I can see Foley being fired the night after Wrestlemania and replaced by Kurt Angle.

2.) 04 Mar 2017 19:39:54
He has to have a hip replacement so he isn't going to be there much longer.
Angle isn't a bad shout, but I would love to see Regal be given the job.




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10 Sep 2018 17:13:57
I agree mate, I've got no idea what they are doing with KO. I worry they will just feed him to Lashley. That would be a mistake IMO. I think KO is a great performer and I'm not a fan of Lashley at all.

Monkeyman KRO



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22 Aug 2018 10:45:18
I agree, it was good. Best main roster PPV for a while IMO. It was weird as there were 3 squash matches, and 3 screw finishes but the booking all made sense and it was very entertaining.

Monkeyman KRO



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09 Aug 2018 13:51:34
Smackdown is loads better than Raw. As Bessex has said, NXT os the strongest show overall.

Monkeyman KRO



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09 Aug 2018 13:50:27
She has always been absolutely delicious!

Monkeyman KRO



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22 Jun 2018 19:28:35
RIP Vader.

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