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21 Jun 2015 21:17:19
Not posted for a long time but finally caught up with all the RAW's.

Quick question does anyone know if Batista is due back anytime soon, I know i'm in a minority on here being a fan of his but for me he had some great feuds with HHH and Taker, not sure where he'd fit but would be nice to hear that music kick in and the animal appear. Personally i'd have him come back and just destroy the likes of Ryback, Big Show and Big E making him look strong, tease us with a stare down with Brock and go into a feud with Orton or Kane (hopefully with his old school mask) just spit balling here people. Another way to go could be have him come back as the muscle for the Authority with Owens when Kane goes rouge.

always a red

1.) 21 Jun 2015 23:33:37
If he did come back, he should return as a face, perhaps a suprise member on a face team at survivor series, felt if WWE didn't spoil his return in 2014 he would of been seen as a face

2.) 22 Jun 2015 08:24:33
See my problem with stuff like that is that Batista should beat some real low carders & put over a Cesaro or Big E. These guys don't deserve to job to part timers,

3.) 22 Jun 2015 10:06:05
I was under the impression Batista had signed a multi year deal, but they had no idea he was going to blow up so big after GOTG.

He scored a top bad guy part in the latest Bond, and he obviously GOTG2, and I'm sure Drax will make the Infinity War movies.

All that, and anything extra he can score could see him never come back.

I also get the impression he takes himself pretty serious, and wouldn't necessarily come back to WWE to give back to the business, he will want big money, big angles, and probably be bitter if he doesn't get another title run.

I may be judging him all wrong and perhaps he will find a gap in his schedule to make Roman look strong.

4.) 22 Jun 2015 16:09:35
There are a couple of Survivor Series matches I would like him to be apart of. The first would be a 25 man match at this year's Survivor Series, to celebrate 25 years of the Undertaker. The second would be the 2002 class(Lesnar, Cena, Orton, and Batista) vs the 2012 class(Ambrsose, Rollins, Reigns, and Cesaro.).

In all likelyhood, if he does anything with the WWE, it will probably be centered around promoting an upcoming movie. Plus at 46 and his injury history, it really wouldn't make sense to try and do another run.

5.) 22 Jun 2015 18:55:40
Thanks for the replies everyone think Bessex is probably right why would a guy doing that well in Hollywood come back to the WWE and risk it all, however I think he comes across as a pretty nice guy just a little awkward in interviews maybe that's the geek in him.

And RM8 you have a point would be great seeing him feud with Cesaro putting him over but just don't rate Big E at all.

I'd still go for Batista and Owens replacing Kane and Rollins in the authority, but age and injuries take the tole on everyone.

6.) 22 Jun 2015 20:14:55
Yeah Batista just doesn't look the age he is he looks like he has 10 years in him yet. I actually like Big E I think he's a really good worker. Since New Day turned Heel the Spears he was hitting to outside were great. Some really innovative moves were on show I think there's a lot more to him than what he gets to do on TV. His Finisher is disappointing for a guy his size though.

7.) 23 Jun 2015 10:16:33
I can't see Batista taking a henchman role in the authority.

He would have to be brought back as HHH's hand picked champion to make a heel run work.

8.) 24 Jun 2015 16:47:49
I Would like to see Owens as part of the authority. But if he is I think they should leave him working as he is now as a monster style heel. If he just keeps picking up cheap victories like Seth has been then that would really take away his edge.



14 Mar 2015 10:56:28
Have I got my dates wrong or is there only two more Raws before WM? Its just the build up seems so bland, i'm expecting some huge shock announcement but unfortunately I think this is the best creative could come up with.

always a red

1.) I don't know what people expect, we know too much these days its unlikely you will be surprised by anything.

The most we can hope for is that they twist up the obvious finishes to matches and stories.

2.) This is the worst build up to a Wrestlemania I can remember. Brock hasn't come face to face with Reigns. Wyatt hasn't come face to face with Taker. Cena is selling himself as a psycho now for some reason. The IC match is still making no sense. The Andre battle royal is not being sold at all. For some reason Paige & Aj are best buds again.
The same thing happens every week.
Wouldn't be surprised to see Brock change his shirt to 'sleep, eat, bore, repeat.'

3.) Well I am looking forward to it.



10 Mar 2015 12:18:20
Not posted for a long time but here goes.

I really think the WWE have painted themselves into a corner with Brock, now don't get me wrong him being there (albeit rarely) has been fantastic, every time his music hits you expect something special, even if its just the brilliance of Heyman's mouth. But as usual I think creative have wasted golden opportunities, ok he fights Cena the first time and totally destroys him, Cena gets a rematch fair enough but after that Cena should have moved aside. Why couldn't Randy fight Brock which I think would have been a hell of a match and would have at least looked believable.
I'm just pleased Bryan is out of the main event because it would have been a joke, not because I just don't get the hype about him, but because him beating Lesnar just can't be sold realistically.
Personally I see the main event a WM going one of two ways, Reigns pushes Lesnar close but loses then the authority come down in numbers beat the hell out of the two of them and Rollins cashes in, or Reigns wins and Rollins tries to cash in with either Ambrose or the Rock stopping him (I really don't think the crowd would boo if the Rock makes the save).
If it were up to me i'd have Brock win then F5 Rollins when he tries to cash in, HHH jumps in sledgehammer in hand, shot the the gut, pedigree Lesnar and drag Rollins on top of him ordering the ref to ring the bell.

always a red

1.) My dream finish would be the big surprise that Lesnar is actually signed for next year, have him beat Reigns in a 50/50, then fight for a significant amount of time the Authority, as they eventually get on top and it looks like Rollins is cashing in Ambrose makes good on his promise to spoil it.

Mania goes off air with Reigns and Ambrose getting a begrudging nod of respect from Brock.

The next night Heyman and Brock turns up and destroy all things authority making the champ the biggest draw in all of Wrestling again.

2.) Anyone fancy a shield reunion either at wm31 or the night after wm31 to defeat lesnar and make rollins the champ

3.) Sounds good Bessex. Next PPV fatal 4 way for the title. Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins, Lesnar?

4.) Call that would not work at all. Maybe WM 32 but we still have not gotten a payoff from Ambrose vs Rollins and Reigns and Rollins have been going at it for the past month.

5.) I don't think Reigns & Ambrose should be helping Rollins win any titles the way the past years went Call. Each man should be carving his own destiny at the moment. When the times right i'm sure there will be a reunion. Seths the only thing interesting about the authority really as Randy doesn't look like hel be in it long so Rollins has to stay there for now.

6.) How about then, the authority drops rollins after a short run with the title, and the authority brings up Owens, balor and another nxt guy like Samoa Joe and build them up as a dominant trio and they take out tons of guys, then at let's say royal rumble 2016 the final 6 are Joe, Owens, balor, reigns, rollins, ambrose. Rollins who is now a face and ambrose a heel, reigns a former wwe champ lost at survivor series to bryan in a triple threat including rollins who lost his title at summerslam to reigns, thanks to kevin Owens, joe and balor attacking rollins. At tlc it is rollins, reigns and zayn vs Owens, balor, Samoa Joe. Heels win, meanwhile bryan defeats ambrose. So back to the rumble looks as though it will be 4 on 2 ambrose, Owens, balor and Joe vs reigns and rollins, until they do that shield thing with hands in and then they attack the heels and eliminate the heels and eliminate themselves all at once so they all win, then at fastlane they bring back the elimination chamber and do a 6 man elimination tag match in a chamber. Which the shield win, then at wm32 it's the main event fatal 4 way bryan vs rollins vs reigns vs Ambrose, those 3 heels attack the 3 shield guys and align themselves with bryan thus ending the yes movement and great way to end wm32 a bryan heel turn

7.) If Lesnar re-signs, The Shield vs the 2002 rookie class all-stars would make for a great storyline.

8.) Lesnar retains, Rollins tries to cash in and Orton intervenes leaving the viper as the last man standing

9.) I have no desire to see the Shield reform any time soon, the time to do it will be when we start to think it will never happen.

I want to see them feud for years.

Reform at Wrestlemania 40.

10.) I can't see Lesnar re-signing. Apparently he was p**sed of at RAW the other night. I also can't see the WWE allowing such a stay-away champ again.
I can't see Ambrose getting involved as they are building up the IC feud and with that many participants I expect that to run up until Summerslam.
What chance Lesnar winning, walking and having an open championship?



28 Aug 2014 12:02:11
I saw a post the other day asking why do people hate Cena, now hate is a strong word but my reason for not liking the guy isn't because he consistently buries talent, its not because of his ass kissing back stage, its not even because of his boring, repetitive and limited move set. No for me its because in however many years time when we are finally rid of him he'll be remembered as one of the best ever, the next generation of wrestling fans will remember him the same way we think of Stone Cold and The Rock. People will point to his numerous title reigns but this isn't boxing its wrestling, you don't win titles your given them and then they are taken away by creative.

I wonder what Jericho thinks of him and creative after spending weeks repairing the damage done to Brays early career then to have it smashed to pieces again by Cena.
I supposed if we all got our wish and Cena went away at least he'd make a very good towel salesman, I'm sick of the sight of the bloody things.

always a red

1.) I think Cena is an easy target, and although I am bored of him, I have complete respect for the fact he has been top of the mountain for a decade.

Nobody has ever stayed so successful for so long, certainly not in an era where there is as much WWE to fill as there is.

Cena is a one off, love him or hate him, you have to respect that he is entitled to go to work and try and do what's right for him.



28 Jul 2014 21:47:27
And just when I was about to give up and switch off until Batista or Punk return the beast is back, Brock has saved the day. Heyman is a genius with a mic in his hand which is just as well because it seems creative have just gotten lazy. The only problem is with Brock only being part time would they have Cena drop the titles to him? If Cena walks out of SumerSlam champion (unlikely I know) how many people will stop watching I wonder. One thing I wish Vince or whoever is really running things now would do is bring back JR, Cole must be an exception arse kisser to have stuck around this long, personally I think JR and JBL would do a great job. Dream story line to come up for me would have Brock terrorize the company, just interrupting matches whenever he wanted, have Hayman as guest commentator and then you hear the glass smash with Sheriff Stone Cold to 'keep the peace'. I know Austins knees can't handle a full on role in the WWE but I remember when he got injured and had his little sheriffs badge running riot. The WWE is getting very close to being mediocre, some would say that ship has sailed and the show is already too boring. Now I know they won't scrap the PG13 bs but there needs to be a massive shake up from top to bottom.

always a red

1.) I heard someone talk about the invisible promo wall today, where one guy stands at the top of the ramp and the other in the ring and for some reason they never charge each other anymore.

Bray can stand there and flap his gums for ten minutes and the guy he's knocking doesn't charge the ring with a steel chair anymore.

When did they all become so weak.




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04 Aug 2019 09:21:55
Totally agree but the WWE seem to have put all their eggs in one basket.
I'm not saying he could be the face of the company but I wish they'd push Owens and handle him properly. He's perfect for the Austin role, a badass that will fight anyone and pretty much do what he wants.
The biggest gripe I have with WWE is their refusal to let heels win clean, sometimes life isn't fair and very often the bad guys do win.

always a red



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22 Jun 2015 18:55:40
Thanks for the replies everyone think Bessex is probably right why would a guy doing that well in Hollywood come back to the WWE and risk it all, however I think he comes across as a pretty nice guy just a little awkward in interviews maybe that's the geek in him.

And RM8 you have a point would be great seeing him feud with Cesaro putting him over but just don't rate Big E at all.

I'd still go for Batista and Owens replacing Kane and Rollins in the authority, but age and injuries take the tole on everyone.

always a red



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Good luck to the guy, big fan on his just a shame he won't be coming back to the WWE. Then again the lazy writers would only waste him like they seem to do with just about everyone else.

always a red



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Being a big Batista fan would love the fight to happen but I have my doubts if he could keep up with Lesnar these days. Five years ago the those two going up against each other would have been awesome, but now its just someone for Lesnar to destroy. Besides after the way Batista was wasted during his last return I doubt he'll be rushing back.

always a red



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It will still be a shame for CM Punk to be gone officially, but the "A+ player" excuse they use is way off. The crowds every week chant for Punk so surely having the guy back is what's best for business, Vince needs to swallow his pride again, get on the plane and see just what Punk wants, i'd be very surprised if he was demanding a long stint as champion, more like some decent air time with creative letting him do his thing. Its not because of a lack of talent that Punk is sat at home its because he won't bend over and take it like most of them do. Even creative could manage to write a half decent feud for him to walk back into.

I'd have thought there would be more to the low rating during his title reign than just him. To be honest I missed most of CM Punks time in the spot light as I took a break from the WWE when Batista left, but I have caught up with most of his PPV matches and highlights from some RAW's and again its nothing to do with a lack of talent why he won't be coming back next week.

always a red




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