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24 Dec 2015 22:15:15
It's Xmas eve, I'm bored, wife's asleep and my 12wk old boy is full of cold and up every two hours if lucky. WWE ( except nxt) has mainly been a let down, TNA has stagnated and sadly don't have time to stream ICW, LU or ROH. Njpw and gfw are there but not as easily accessible. So you have a clean slate, an unlimited budget how would you populate your roster. Take any gimmick, division etc from any company and set it up your way?

Heavyweight Title
Intercontinental Title
X-division Title
Women's Title
Tag team Titles

2 X 2hr shows Raw and Impact
Heyman and JR / Graves and J Styles

Neville, Zayn, Balor, Ambrose, Ziggler, AJ Styles, D Bryan, Reigns, Lethal, C Rhodes, J Hardy, Galloway, Cesaro, Crews, Puma

Lesnar, Aries, Rollins

Owens, Wyatt, Breeze, EC3, Young, Samoa Joe, Orton, Sheamus, Rusev, BNBarrett, John Morrison, Corbin

Tag teams
Briscoes, Young Bucks, New Day, Usos, Wyatt Family, MCMG, Beer Money, 3D, Wolves, Gable and Jordan, Lucha Dragons

Grado, Spud, Enzo Amore

Gail Kim, Paige, Becky Lynch, Sasha, Charlotte, Bayley, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell

What's yours?


{Ed007's Note - Here's hoping the wee lad gets some respite and you and the family have a great Christmas.}

1.) 25 Dec 2015 06:11:19
Cheers ed007 and merry Xmas to all eds and all on here.

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate, Merry Crimbo on behalf of us all.}



08 Sep 2015 23:32:27
What's everyone's 3 pros and cons currently with WWE?

New Day
Wyatt family

Lana storyline
Orton/sheamus on repeat


1.) 09 Sep 2015 10:33:44
wyatt family
New day.

John Cena
John Cena
John Cena.

2.) 09 Sep 2015 11:39:50
New day

Randy Orton Shamus
Darren young

3.) 09 Sep 2015 13:31:31
The Wyatts
The New Day

The so called Diva Revolution (end these factions now)
Long boring opening segments/promo's
The absolutely mind numbing commentary

4.) 09 Sep 2015 14:28:50
New day

Smacks down
Stardust (push)
Divas revolution has done nothing and includes tamina .

5.) 10 Sep 2015 19:55:04
New Day
Wyatts (especially Harper)

Stupid plot lines (Ziggler/Lana/Rusev/Summer is getting even more annoying
One dimensional chanting (don't say 'this is awesome when it isn't)
Really bad commentators

6.) 11 Sep 2015 11:42:50

1, NXT
2, The decision (but not the execution) to try and improve Divas, Tag Division, and the IC and US Belt.
3, Putting at least 2 15 minute WRESTLING matches on Raw every week.


1, Too many matches that just fill air time.
2, Too much exposure for guys who don't need it.
3, Not enough surprise results in matches and feuds.

7.) 11 Sep 2015 16:25:14
New Day
Wyatt Family back together (put Rowan back in as well)
Decent matches on RAW most weeks
Youngish talent - Rollins, Owens, Neville, Cesaro, Ambrose Reigns, Wyatt, Harper

Too many long promos to kick off RAW
The Commentary is awful
Smackdown is terrible right now
Over reliance on Part timers for big PPV's



22 May 2015 14:06:10
Really impressed again with NXT. Great show from start to finish. Banks/lynch stole it for me (how the divas could be), but loving the way Steen is developing. Joe is class, if zayn/joe/steen/balor can have a match it could be amazing. (Almost as good as the joe/styles/Daniels match?)

TNA just moving days, but why the hate? Surely some competition is better than none, I go to the impact tour in Manchester and the shows are excellent!


1.) Agreed another great show. & in my opinion that was the worst (least great) ppv they've had. Just shows how amazing nxt is. Expected more from the Balor v Breeze match but was still a good match. Enzo was allowed to prove he can actually wrestle, that standing dropkick & ddt was sweet, shame they didn't take the straps off them transvestite schoolgirls. Becky & Sasha (mainly Becky) stole the show, that match was incredible. Owens is an absolute beast & loved Joe's appearence though did not like his entrance theme at all, could of at least made some new version of the godzilla sample.

2.) I don't hate TNA I was a huge fan when Sting & Hogan were there & not necesarsarily for them. I like a lot of there Talent. I didn't want to get back into WWE because I knew I would become a Wrestling Superfan again my mate put me onto Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins Blamo here I am. I just can't bring myself to watch TNA anymore even though Big Drews on it. I watched Bootcamp for Grado also.



28 Apr 2015 01:36:06
After watching a lot on the WWE network and the current product the glaring difference for me other than competition for WWE is that the the mid/lower-card seemed to matter as you didn't want to lose your audience in the Monday night wars. Got me thinking, creative seem to use it as an after thought but majority of posters on here have had plenty of ideas.

So here is the challenge. Pick a mid to lower card act (tag, male or female)and how would you book them?
(For the sake of argument, Rollins, Cena, Orton, Bryan, Reigns, Lesnar & Bryan are headliners, but can be used in the storyline of the mid-carder) I have a few but always like to here ideas from other posters. My example to start it off:

Adam Rose – One week a messenger turns up and gives Rose a letter whilst on his coach. Rose looks upset and tells the messenger “No”. The next Smackdown the same happens and for the following Raw and Smackdown, with the messenger standing on the stage during matches distracting Rose. After the fourth occasion Rose walks up to the messenger after the match and says “OK” and walks off no explanation.

Rose is not seen for two weeks but videos show him back in S.Africa. Rose explains that he has been called back by his family and needs to retake the family dynasty of big game hunting. Rose also admits that his family name is actually Kruger (returning to his NXT name). Rose goes through an initiation/witchcraft of sorts and emerges as a focussed, almost deranged hunter (as per NXT or Kraven the hunter, surely if WWE can dress Cody as Mr Sinister then they can use Kraven!)

Rose returns to RAW and takes out talent after stalking them backstage in videos, taking trophies from each, e.g. Ryders glasses, Rowans mask etc . Rose then goes on a run at the US/ IC holder, and then uses the title to go after the biggest game in WWE “CENA!”.
(And then gets buried at Wrestlemainia like everyone else!)


1.) 28 Apr 2015 07:10:55
Why would you waste a big push on a guy who can't wrestle, can't talk, is barley understandable when he does and has the charisma of a wet tea bag . I like the first bit, where he goes back to south Africa right enough lol

2.) I like it. I really liked the Leo Kruger character in NXT and I think it would work a lot better than Adam Rose ever did. The only thing I think WWE would think about is that the Leo Kruger character is very similar to the Luke Harper character.

3.) Fab, who would you push and why? #midcardmatters

4.) Dean Ambrose - Ambrose to win mitb, teases cash in on Rollins later that night, at summerslam it's Brock vs Rollins. Rollins wins and earns lesnar respect, but Kevin Owens debuts and assualts Rollins, Ambrose runs down and cashes in.

Noc, beats Rollins

Hiac beats orton

Tlc - beats Rollins and orton

Royal rumble beats reigns
Rumble match Rollins wins

Fast lane beats Owens

Wm32 beats reigns, Rollins and lesnar

5.) You know something I've been watching lots of Attitude era & I think many of the Midcarders are miles better Wrestlers now a days there was just so many Great talents at that time but they had so much more Freedom in ring & on the mic. I'd much Rather watch Cesaro & Kidd or the Usos than the Godwins or the Quebecers. I've skipped so many awful Matches on those Old Raws & PPVs. Some of the Stuff they were throwing at you Inbetween all the Greatness going on on those Old Raws is so bad you wouldn't believe when you watch back. I do agree that there's far to many matches that mean nothing now though even those old Matches had some sort of Story or meaning.

6.) I would push Bo Dallas if I was going for a real Low Carder.

7.) 28 Apr 2015 21:53:39
Frandad, I don't have the network but from what I have seen so far Neville has outstanding potential, I also thought rusev could have been a great monster heel until he was fed to supercena, also I really think fandango has great ringwork and is good on the mike when given a chance it's just a shame they weighed him down with a crap gimmick.

8.) The gimmick is sort of what I'm getting at fab1. Rose as Kruger had the fans at nxt not just the entrance like with fandango and rose. It's just not believable that a rich playboy or ballroom dancer would be a world champion wrestling, why would they be bothered! Neville or rusev then how would you push them fab1?



07 Nov 2014 01:01:28
Having watched, WWE, Nxt, TNA and British Boot-camp 2, it seems there is a lot of talent in the UK and Europe currently. Do you think its beyond the realm of possibility for there to be a European based wrestling company with a TV show?
There are plenty of channels so surely with a bit of backing there could be space for it. As an example, using the above rosters and my own knowledge how about this for a European Mega Show.

European Dis-Union - William Regal as GM

European Heavyweight Title
Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Rusev vs Wade Barrett

British and Irish Title
Magnus (Eng)vs Drew Mcintyre (Sco) vs Mason Ryan (Wal) vs Prince Devitt (Ire)

Cruiserweight Title Elimination match
Adrian Neville vs El Ligero vs Marc Andrews vs Noam Dar vs Kevin Haskins vs RJ Singh

Old vs New
Doug Williams vs Rockstar Spud

Womens Title
Paige vs Kay Lee Ray vs Becky Lynch vs Winter

No Disqualification
Bram vs Rampage Brown

No 1 Contenders Match
Dave Mastiff vs Joel Redman vs Martin Stone

Grudge Match
Grado vs Sha Samuels

A lot of group matches but just trying to show most of the talent available.

Do you think it will ever be a viable option or does WWE just have too much hold over the market now?


{Ed008's Note - Welcome back to the site!

1.) 07 Nov 2014 15:33:39
Now that's a show i'd put my money down for even though there's a few I haven't heard of.

2.) I have always discussed the idea of hour long wrestling show to go on to ITV before the x factor, make it family fun, and its big money.

People old enough to remember world of sport pine for this sort of thing.

3.) In today's world WWE are just another corporation, on a smaller scale, that has a python grip on the wrestling business and because most people are too daft to WAKE UP and stop throwing money at them it will never change. I am also guilty of this but to a lesser degree, I do not buy any merch, video games or even their PPV's anymore. I am only guilty of my viewing of RAW, which I usually record and skip 75% of.

The most personic thing I have ever heard was the whole hijack RAW idea, not only did it fail but it would not have made a blind bit of difference as you have already given them your money which is all they care about. If anyone wants true change then they must change themselves, stop buying their merch, video games, tickets to events and f their network when we finally get it over here. None of us have any right to moan about WWE (Including me) as we are the people that are paying them to treat us like sh. Viva la revolucion

4.) 07 Nov 2014 18:26:21
I'd make that 4way for the British & Irish title have elimination rules so Mason can be out the match within 5 seconds, he's seriously a contender for the worst wrestler i've ever seen.

5.) Didn't ITV try some sort of wrestling show a few years back with Doreen from birds of a feather? Or was that just me on the magic mushrooms?

6.) 09 Nov 2014 23:27:15
Hook me up with some of them shrooms, they sound incredible lol

7.) ITV made Celebrity wrestling hosted by Rowdy Roddy Piper and D-Lo, but it was tasks not matches.

Rumble was a tv series from years back with Doreen in it, it was a sitcom.

Also featured Bulla.




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25 Dec 2015 06:11:19
Cheers ed007 and merry Xmas to all eds and all on here.


{Ed001's Note - thank you mate, Merry Crimbo on behalf of us all.}



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The gimmick is sort of what I'm getting at fab1. Rose as Kruger had the fans at nxt not just the entrance like with fandango and rose. It's just not believable that a rich playboy or ballroom dancer would be a world champion wrestling, why would they be bothered! Neville or rusev then how would you push them fab1?




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Fab, who would you push and why? #midcardmatters




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Think the low level of expectation made this surprisingly enjoyable, although not overly extreme. Tag match was excellent (plus like nataylas new look) and the others were palatable. Not sure what the bo vs ryback was for though!




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Itami won, wonder if there holding Neville back for after mania.





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